The westward porch

Stories to come later on, but here’s the progress on the 2nd floor sleeping porch windows. As I mentioned on Friday, we discovered that the back of the house was less than solid, having just some 1-bys tacked on to the old porch exterior and then metal siding laid over it. And some plywood inside. So we’re basically having the whole back of the house removed and then framed up from scratch for the new windows, which will mean insulation and a proper outer shell for the house with framing, plywood sheathing, Tyvek and HardiePlank. I think the windows will probably be installed by the end of the day today when I go over to work after my day job. And hopefully they’ll have started on the 1st floor in the meantime.

Due for some rain tomorrow.

Pre-closing: sleeping porch

Sleeping porch open west

Porch window openings ready

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