Living room ceiling minus the plaster

Well, in two days, we took out all the plaster on the living room and entryway ceilings and put in insulation — since the drywall won’t be nearly as sound-insulating as the plaster. Tomorrow we’ll have drywall installed. We discovered that the hardwood in the upstairs has no subfloor. It sits directly on the joists, so the insulation will be crucial.

Tomorrow, the drywall guy comes to do all the drywall, and he’ll finish taping and mudding the seams on Wednesday. Thursday we’ll be priming and painting the master bedroom, the living room and the dining room. We just nailed down our floor refinisher today, so he’s starting next Tuesday. So by Wednesday next week, our master bedroom and living room at the very least will be looking finished.

Rachel’s family came to work, and they’re really helping us get a ton done. They worked all day while I was at work today and Rachel was off, and they’ll work with me all day tomorrow while Rachel is at work. And like I said before, they helped us bring the two plaster ceilings down, which is probably the dirtiest and roughest job in the house thus far.

Tomorrow we’re borrowing a truck from a friend and taking all the plaster to the dump. Wait til you see the pile of trash we have on the porch. It’s bloody huge. We’re priming all the walls that we stripped the wallpaper off of, and then I’ll patch and skim the imperfections before sanding and painting. Today was the first day that I really feel like we turned a corner.

By Tuesday next week, the place will really start feeling like home, I think.

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