Thankful for Friends

As you may know, this house purchase and subsequent renovation have been full of unexpected hiccups and delays. As we prepare to move out by Dec. 7, the wood floors on the main floor of the house still need to be refinished, meaning we cannot move our furniture into the living room or dining room by Dec. 7. It also means we can’t sleep in the house while that is being done, because we can’t get to the upstairs (to sleep) while the floors in the foyer are being worked on. What to do?

When I’ve mentioned this in passing to some of our neighbors and friends, their gracious spirit has bowled me over. No less than four dear families have offered a guest room in their house for us next week — “just call us if you need to stay with us!” I feel so blessed!

And tonight, three lovely ladies came over to help me pack my kitchen, which is always the most daunting task in the house. As my mom says, the cabinets just keep pouring out STUFF! Erin brought dinner with her willing spirit to help; Erika loaded up my Goodwill stash to drop that off for me, so I don’t have to; and Kimiko arrived with packing materials and boxes from Freecycle, plus DESSERT. With a bottle of wine, we were set, and my living room is filled with boxes waiting to be moved over.

Steve always says that ‘joy is expansive’ — I will add that ‘friends make hard work enjoyable.’ I just had the most fun night ever, laughing and talking and tripping over the 27 boxes piled in my living room. When I last packed my kitchen with the help of friends, it was to leave Bentonville forever, and to leave the dear women I became friends with there. My excitement was tempered by the sadness of leaving my friends, and I think I am still not over the grief of that heart-wrenching experience (maybe it’s why I’m so intent on staying in DC forever). Tonight, I move from one neighborhood to the next one, with the same friends, church, job and city. I’m so thankful for the friends we have found in just four years in DC! Thanks, Erin, Erika and Kimiko!

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