More on the kitchen floor project

The kitchen floors are almost done, just one coat of poly shy of being totally complete. They wrapped things up on Friday, leaving the last coat and the satin finish for after the kitchen goes in. So this way, when Rudy’s guys are installing the cabinets and the kitchen today, they don’t have to worry about scuffing the floor since it’ll be lightly sanded and then coated one more time. (That’s right, cabinets are going in today. Pics to come tonight. Today at work is like Christmas Eve — trying to focus while so anticipating driving up to the house tonight to see the day’s progress.)

The color isn’t quite accurate in all these photos, but this gives you an idea of how far the floors have come. The floors are a little darker than this photo shows, but the camera considers a balanced exposure of the floors to be overexposed in reality. So to really get the color right, the floors have to be underexposed by at least a stop or so. (The first “after” photo below is closer to true on the color.)

Kitchen floor. Pine?kitchen floors after

Need to chip before sandingKitchen floor detail

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