Kitchen is in!

Kitchen is in!, originally uploaded by whiteknuckled.

The kitchen cabinets went in on Monday. And just like that, the place starts to feel like a home; like a place we’re due to habitate at midnight tonight when we’re supposed to be out of our current apartment. We’re going to try and take the rest of our stuff tonight and come back to clean tomorrow — our landlords are super flexible and understanding with our dilemma of a house that’s not quite ready yet.

The trim and light fixtures and pulls should all be in today, making it look that much closer to finished. Rachel went over to the house this morning to meet the granite guys to take a template for the new counters, which should take about a week to be cut and installed. The floors downstairs should get started either this afternoon or tomorrow sometime, so by the end of the week, the downstairs will be mostly done, save for the final visits from the plumber, electrician and counter guys.

I forgot the camera last night so this cellphone pic is all I’ve got. We’ll take more photos tonight with the good camera of the kitchen and post some before-afters tomorrow. Yesterday was a huge milestone. We kept walking back into the kitchen and smiling. We’ve come a long way.

Sep. 16 during our first visit:
Pre-closing: kitchen west

Nov. 3 after first day of work:
Day 1: Kitchen (through dining) south

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