News from another old house

Our first house
Our first house 2

Our first home together, where we lived for our first two years of marriage in Bentonville, Arkansas, was torn down today. We just found out today from a friend on facebook who lived across the street from us.

We have lots of great memories of this house, which was as good a first home as a newly-married couple could hope for. It had been renovated by a caring landlord and was spacious and nice. We’ll always remember our first home together. FItting somehow, that it gets torn down a week after we move into our first purchased home.

The City bought the land to expand their street dept. facility that was next door.

The Davis residence from 2004-2006 at 403 SE 3rd Street is no more. Only in our memories now. And that’s all I have to say about that.

The friend of ours at the left of this photo was kind enough to go by and take these photos of the site for us.

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