33 windows is a lot of windows

Of course, we’re not the only people in D.C. renovating a rowhouse right now. We had a surprise dinner with some friends Friday night who are doing soup-to-nuts renovation in Bloomingdale.

Pete is an architect and Melinda is an interior designer. So they’re doing something a little more complicated than our renovation, because, hey, when you’re an architect and a designer, you’re probably not going to be satisfied with just a little cosmetic remodeling.

They bought a 3-story rowhouse in Bloomingdale, which they’ve gutted to the bricks. They’re basically building a brand-new house from scratch inside the brick walls. It looks like they’ve poured new footers in the basement and are building new structural walls up from there, so it’s a new house that will live right inside the old one, more or less.

I can’t wait to see what’s coming in the next few months, because from the sound of it, it’s going to be pretty incredible inside.

Check out their blog at ThirtyThreeWindows — so named because their house as 33! windows. My first question was, “how the heck do you guys have 33 windows?” It’s an interior rowhouse with an old school lightwell, so it has windows along one long interior. Which makes for a lot more light than your typical rowhouse. Skylights can bring in extra light on a top floor, but lightwells go all the way down to the bottom floors.

The best way to navigate if you want to take it all in is to click on the picture in the top left, and then go backward in time from there.

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