Bringing old brass back to life

This project was all Rachel. For the cost of a small bottle of brass polish from Home Depot that our neighbors picked up for us, Rachel turned our two old mail slots into two brand new old mail slots. Each door has a mail slot, but they don’t line up, so our mail ends up between the security gate and the front door.

We’re ultimately going to get a post box for the wall next to the door and use that instead. It gets old to have to step over the mail to get in the house after work each day. And yes, that post box will most definitely be painted red.

Here’s what it originally looked like on the left side. Rachel had already polished the right side, which you can see part of in this photo.

Mail slot half polished detail


Polished mail slot looks like new!

And on the way out to work this morning:

Mail slot installed

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