Other DC house renovation blogs

One thing I didn’t realize when getting into this house project was that we would be joining a little community of DIY home renovators — here in DC and all around the blogosphere. Even if we weren’t doing the same thing ourselves, I’d gravitate naturally to the old home restorations. Older homes have just always been more interesting to me, and I loved watching This Old House long before we decided to buy a 1921 home.

Here are three blogs that I’ve been enjoying lately.

The first is down in Old Town Alexandria, very close to where Rachel worked when we first moved here 5 years ago. Wendy and Alex have just started their blog recently, but they’ve been doing the work for 8 years or so and have a huge backlog of photos and great stories and how-tos (waiting on more of those, you guys! Especially the old door-to-headboard tutorial.)


The second is right here in Petworth that I discovered searching around when I was starting the Old Rowhouse. Has been a little quieter lately, but they’re doing a great job and maybe we’ll connect with these folks in real life sometime soon.


The last belongs to our friends Pete and Melinda down in Bloomingdale (DC). Their mostly photo-filled blog got its own writeup back a few months ago, Thirty-Three Windows

Any others locally I should be keeping tabs on? I’m going to rearrange some elements on the site here this week in the top navigation, and I’m going to work up a page for all of the good local renovation blogs, so pass them along if you know of any.

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