Concrete stripping on the steps

Half-stripped steps, originally uploaded by whiteknuckled.

The steps are coming right along.

I discovered that the Behr Concrete Stripper (no. 992 if you’re curious) works infinitely better than standard paint strippers of almost any stripe, which is a big relief, because I don’t think my hands could’ve taken much more tedious hard scraping with the crap strippers.

Just one more coat on these steps and I should be finished with them. I probably could’ve gotten more off last night but rain was a’coming, so I needed to get started before I would’ve liked to keep it all from washing down the drain.

I haven’t started the landing and the step down to the curb, though, so it’ll be at least 3 weeks or so before I get everything stripped and ready to clean and prime. I also have the pedestals on either side of the stairs and the platforms on top of the columns on the porch to strip.

Between this, the fence removal, the garden and a few things yet to be revealed, we’ve added lots of curb appeal to the house in just a few short weeks. I can’t wait to wrap things up on this first phase in the next couple of days and post some pictures. Should be just another day or two.

PHASE II will be finishing the steps, painting the steps, and painting all the beige trim on the front of the house white (to match the upstairs windows.)

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