Roofers wanted

Ok, so we’re about to pull the trigger on a new roof. We knew we’d need a new one when we bought the house, but two leaks and one bucket of asphalt cement later, we’re ready to go ahead and make it happen.

I’d rather not spend hours drywalling ceilings in two other bedrooms and leaving the 90 year old roof as the only thing separating that hard work from mother nature. We have one estimate already in from a trustworthy roofer (Springfield Roofing) that our terrific real estate agent passed onto us during the home inspection process. He’s been up on the roof and gave us an estimate already.

But I’d like to shop that around as much as I can. So who’s got a DC-area roofer that you know or have had a good experience with? Give me some leads in the comments if you’ve got some.

Roof leaks repaired?

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