Stairway and skylight – before and after

The difference in light is amazing.

Stairs before skylightDSC_0030

There are a few issues, though, so it’s not all roses at this point. The hole for the skylight was cut crooked — on the ceiling and on the roof — so I’m waiting to talk to the contractor and the roof guys on Monday to see what the options are for getting it fixed. I’m afraid they’re both going to try and pass the buck to the other crew and weasel out of fixing it. But I’m trying to stay hopeful. It won’t be a picnic for the roof guys, because they flashed it tight and finished up completely on Friday, so they’d have to undo all of that work to move it.

But it’s gotta move. It’s way crooked.

I’m trying not to let that ruin our enjoyment of the skylight itself, though. Which is truly awesome. The best perk we didn’t realize about it beforehand is the ability to hear the rain on it during rainstorms. It’ll be great to sleep during storms with that sound right outside our bedroom door.

Which reminds me, it was great to not worry about leaky ceilings during the crazy rain we’ve been getting all day long today. New roof = piece of mind.

Ceiling before skylightDSC_0014

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