Bedroom project photos

Here are the pictures I promised from the second bedroom project. Here’s the biggest wall in the room, from the scraping to the skimming to the priming. All that’s left to do on this wall now is adding the receptacle in the baseboard, the new baseboards and trim, and paint.

We still haven’t chosen the paint colors for this room just yet, but we’ve got a few more weeks to decide. We’ll leave things primed until the electrical gets done and the ceiling drywall goes in (the top corners have to get taped and mudded anyway) and paint once everything is finished and ready.

7/31 – First couple days of scraping

8/5 – One wall finished scraping

Bedroom wall skimmed
9/13 – Cracks taped and mudded, wall skimmed and (mostly) ready for priming

Bedroom primed
9/19 – Wall primed. Ready for paint.

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