Happy Anniversary, House!

How has one year passed so quickly? On October 28, 2010, we closed on the Old Rowhouse, and what a delightful (and tiring!) year it has been! This is what the house looked like on Day 0.

So, here’s a toast to us!

Floris White

And special thanks to Steve, who’s done most of the blogging, most of the hard work, and most of the late-night painting/wallpaper stripping sessions. A coworker recently saw our blog and commented on how impressive the work has been; when I stated most of it just had to be attributed to Steve, he said, ‘Well, sounds like you’ve got a good man there!’

Delirium Nocturnum

I sure do. I mostly get to do the fun parts, like painting, decorating the mantel and adding glossy green paint to an old $8 Goodwill lamp (stories and pictures to come soon). Thanks, Steve, for all your hard work in making our Old Rowhouse our lovely home. Happy anniversary to us and our house!

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