My Favorite Elf

Steve and I have long had different sleeping patterns. He is the inveterate night owl, and I am most decidedly not. Steve does his best work between 10 p.m. and 2 p.m., while I am snoring contentedly. I usually even block out the tromping about, scraping of wallpaper and other construction noises (with a few exceptions, like once when he forgot what time it was and decided to vacuum the living room rug with the SHOP-VAC at 1 a.m. I thought an airplane landed in the house.)

Ever since we bought the house, Steve has loved to surprise me with his progress or completed projects when I awake the next morning. During the busy fall season, Steve was in a mad rush to finish the guest bedroom and several other major projects before our guests arrived at the end of October. It’s like Christmas all year when I can go to bed and find a new project waiting each day. (Last weekend, I awoke Sunday morning to find the entire dining room completely repainted! More on that later.)

Cheers to the House Elf!



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