Why sure, you can write us a guest post! Do you know how to skim plaster?

An actual email exchange I had today:


4:00 PM


My name is Erik _____, and I’m emailing on behalf of [REDACTED] Real Estate Company. I’m quite interested in submitting a guest post for the readers of http://www.ouroldrowhouse.com/.

Please take a moment to consider the above, and don’t hesitate to send along any questions in the meantime. Likewise, feel free to pass along any author guidelines that you may have. It was a pleasure visiting your website, and I look forward to hearing back from you!




4:17 PM (3 hours ago)
From: Me
to Erik, bcc: Rachel

Sure, Erik, you can submit a guest post on one condition: you have to come and renovate something so you can write about it after the fact. I need some work done in the basement, the bedroom I’m currently de-plastering or the backyard.

What would you like to work on to write about — and when can you get down here?


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