Bedroom progress, and a big announcement

DSC_0003Progress has been halted for two weeks or so, but the third bedroom is coming right along. I’ve got all the walls stripped entirely, all the cracks taped and mudded, and the plaster that’s being saved has been skimmed and is ready to prime for the most part. The bad plaster has been pulled down, and I’ve got the lathe taken off on the wall that I’m going to soundproof with soundproofing batts and new soundproofing drywall. Just waiting on some electrical work so I can finish up the rest.

I was hoping to have this room finished by the end of the year, but my regular electrician is nowhere to be found and my backup was having foot surgery in December and couldn’t get it done either. I didn’t finish it in 2011, but it’s definitely going to be finished soon in 2012, for one important reason — it’s going to become a nursery in June.

That’s right, we’re having our first baby, due in late June, and this will be the baby room. We’re around 15 weeks, so we’ve known for a time and we started this project when we did for this very reason. The nesting urge is right around the corner, so I need to wrap this up and get this room ready to go. I’m shooting for the end of January, which is totally feasible, provided I can get an electrician in here to do just a few small things.

I’m hopefully ripping the plaster ceiling down tomorrow — it’s in incredibly poor shape and is dramatically out of level from all the past water damage — and then the bulk of the heavy lifting will be done. Once the electrician finishes, then I’ll just have to do a little bit more mud and put up new drywall before doing the trim and finishes.

After that, we’ll be doing all the decorating in here for the baby, which hopefully means more posts from Rachel about her great decorating plans for this room. For me, it means I have 6 months to work like a dog on everything else before life gets totally upended, and dust-producing tasks get a little more difficult to do.

Our Old Rowhouse, expanding by one more person come summer 2012!

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