Almost ready to unveil the nursery…which will soon be home to…

A baby girl!

Daddy's Little Girl

We found out yesterday with our 20 week sonogram. Everything looks good, baby is healthy, mom is healthy, and we’re excited that we can soon start filling and decorating this room — which is rounding 3rd and heading for home!

We’re not quite ready to totally reveal the nursery yet, though you can already see most of it right here. It’s so small that any proper reveal is going to have to be done with video, since you can see just how tiny this bedroom is. We chose this fantastic green color before we knew boy or girl, and we deliberately wanted something that could go either way — and wouldn’t necessitate repainting in 3 years when the kid is older or we’re having a second child because it’s something annoying like bright pink or baby blue. (It’s Behr Corn Husk Green 400D-4 if you’re interested.)

Things are 90% done. I’ve been staying up late all last week and this week, ultra motivated by how close things are. All the walls and the ceiling are finished and painted, and I got the last of the baseboards and trim installed last night. The only big things left to do are finish stripping, sanding and then repainting the window and door trim and then start on reworking the closet where I’ve been storing my tools. That will probably need some drywall work, scrapage of wallpaper and new paint. But it shouldn’t be too bad.

The paper is up off the floor now and room feels “done” for the most part. Stay tuned in the next week or so for pictures of the mostly completed room and the full before/after treatment.

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