After a rough few weeks, we’re back in business

Hey there, blog readers. We’ve been away for quite some time, but we’re back online at the old rowhouse. I think it’s been three or four weeks since we’ve posted, but we’ve had a rough go of it in that time.

If you’ve stopped by the site in the last few weeks, you’ve probably noticed not only the absence of posts but also some screwy things with the site itself. The site was getting repeatedly hacked by annoying bots looking to insert links to other sites and ads, and in my attempts to improve the security of the site, I think I broke a few things and the total design of the site was removed, leaving just the plain text of the recent posts.

I’d been trying to get things fixed, but then things got turned upside down for us personally, rendering website issues completely irrelevant for a time.

Rachel’s brother, who you may remember lived with us back from about Thanksgiving until halfway through February and did some massive work in our backyard, was severely injured in a motorcycle accident in Atlanta on March 19 and died the next day. We drove down the day after the accident, and ended up staying in Atlanta for all of that week and the following week for the funeral and to be with Rachel’s family and help out where we could. Both of our workplaces are flexible and let us stay in Atlanta and work remotely the week after the funeral, for which we are very grateful.

There’s a lot of things I could say about Jeremy, but if you want to read a great story, do go back and read that post — I wrote just mere weeks ago, amazingly — about how Jeremy decimated our old backyard driveway in a day when he was living with us. The time we had together as he lived with us more than 2 months of the last 4 months of his life have been such a comfort to us.

Work stopped cold on the house when we left and were gone for two weeks, and we didn’t have much energy last week after we returned, until last weekend when we got a few things done in the midst of rest and naps and movie-watching.  For the entirety of last week I think we either watched a show on Netflix or rented a movie every single night after work. It was a draining couple of weeks there for us, and I was sick by the time we drove back.

We took it easy for a solid week as we eased back into the real world here.

But we’re back to work on the house and hope to be posting very soon. After all, the days haven’t stopped ticking away until Baby Davis arrives in just about 10 weeks or so. And I’ve still got a long list of things to do before then.

While we get things sorted out and get reacquainted with our lives back here at home, we remember our dear brother Jeremy. We’ll forever be thankful and grateful for those precious weeks that you were a part of our family here in DC. And we miss you.

(You can read Jeremy’s obituary, written by Rachel, in the Atlanta paper.)










The plans Jeremy was working on for our basement renovation. He was a gifted architect at the international firm HOK.

Overhead section 2

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