And we’re back! Plus one

It’s been a few weeks but we’re back online and ready to unveil a few finished projects and tell a few house renovation stories that have been stored in the hopper for awhile.

But first, the biggest story of all!

Lillian Jae Davis (Lily) was born just a short time after midnight on June 12, 2012. After Rachel worked late at the office finishing up some things, I picked her up with a Car2Go at 9:45, by 10:25 we were timing contractions, and at midnight we were on our way to GWU hospital. I’ll spare you the rest of the details, but she was in our arms shortly after and screaming like a healthy baby.

Say hello to Lily!

These photos are the fine work of our friend Alison at Red Shoes Photography. Alison is moving to Denver, so if you know of anyone there who needs any photo work, get in touch with her. (She’s still going to be coming back to DC for some events this Fall, so still try her if you have a wedding in October or so.)

Her middle name Jae is a tribute to Rachel’s brother Jeremy, whom we in the family called Jay.

Needless to say, we’ve been a little preoccupied for the last few weeks. Other than a day I spent organizing the basement, throwing away bushels of stuff and carrying boxes up to be stored away in the new attic space, the nonstop flurry of home renovation projects are at a standstill.

But as it happened, we were almost done with Phase One of Our Old Rowhouse. Just a few small things left on my wishful list of things I wanted done before baby got here. I was wrapping up one of the last things on the nursery with my friend Kurt on the day Rachel went into labor. I even told him, “I’m pretty sure we’re either having this baby tonight or tomorrow” when Rachel was still at work and told me she was feeling “weird.”

Now that we’re a little settled we’ve got a few projects to unveil, so we’ll be back on the blog in the days to come.

We hope.

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