A 360 view of blowing stuff up

Our neighborhood in DC, like many neighborhoods across the District, turns into a something akin to a warzone around July 4th. Before and after the fireworks on the Mall — which can be easily seen all the way from Petworth depending on your vantage point — neighborhood streets are filled with smoke and you never know when some sort of pyrotechnic might explode right over your head and send you rushing for cover.

One of the bigger shows in the neighborhood is in the 4000 block of Illinois, just two blocks west. Of course, that wasn’t the only big show near our house. For about an hour after we got back from watching the National Mall show from the Old Soldier’s Home around the corner, it was a sweet 360 degree show on Marlboro Place.

Some folks complain about the never-ending month of fireworks ad nauseam, but my pal and neighbor Rob and I just climbed up on my roof through the slick new roof hatch, and enjoyed the show after the show.

Rooftop fireworks 3
Rooftop fireworks 4
Rooftop fireworks 2

And, it should be mentioned, the fantastic gathering organized by the Armed Forces Retirement Home and the Friends of the Soldiers’ Home was a huge success. At least one or two thousand folks showed up, enjoyed the food trucks, stocked ponds for kids’ fishing, a breeze on the open field and a great vantage point for the fireworks on the mall.

Yay fireworks!

Too loud

Here’s to hoping that it becomes an annual event for the neighborhood — we’d love to make it a family tradition too!

Family Fireworks PIcture


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