Wrapping up the to-do list in the guest/toddler room, pt. 2

After wrapping the closet a few weeks ago, the Murphy bed a few weeks before that, there were still a few things left to do.

Rachel had this idea to create a reading nook for Lily in one of the corners of this bedroom with ample floorspace now with a foldable Murphy bed instead of a big queen bed taking up floor space. While Rachel had plans to sew a convertible pillowcase, I had the idea to save this crappy piece of furniture that I think we picked up on the side of the road on the way back from Shenandoah probably at least 6 years ago. Rachel used it for her bedside table all the time we were in Mt. Pleasant, and we put it in the guest room after we moved in and had room once again for our proper matching bedside tables in our bedroom.


It’s a little hard to see there, but it’s literally just a rectangle of plywood probably, with a door on it. About as barebones as you can get. But with the nook that Rachel was going to make for the space, I thought that we’d need a bookshelf of some kind to go with it. I took the door off and turned it sideways, and it was a nice little shelf — though it still looked terrible.

nook shelf

So I sanded it down completely crazy smooth, spraypainted the inside of it (to save time) and painted the outside of it our usual shade of white, in high gloss. Green was (is) the color in Lily’s nursery, and while we decided not to repaint this guest room (mostly I protested having to repaint the entire room), we ended up pulling in the green as an accent color: rug on the wall, lamp on the bedside table, picture frame, and the wall INSIDE the murphy bed when you fold it down.

I still had the paint, so I had the idea to paint a rectangle on the side of the cabinet and then edge it with some trim.

nook lily pillow cabinet monkey

The monkey approves! (Trying on some halloween costumes…) There you can see the cool nook that Rachel built. It’s basically a giant pillowcase for four pillows, with buttons on the ends of the openings. And you can see the cabinet, painted white, with green in the middle and some trim.

But it still needed something else. So we picked up some stencils from Michaels while getting a few pictures framed out in the burbs a few weeks ago, and completed the thing…

lily nook guest room lily nook guest room

Still feels like it’s missing something, though. I want to build an arch of some kind with Christmas lights over the thing…so she can have some light for the nook when she wants to read over there.

Capping off that side of the room are the new curtains Rachel made. Along with new blinds for the windows that replace some five-dollar roller shades that drove Rachel crazy. And the butterflies hung from the ceiling on fishing line.

guest room lily curtains shades

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