The Master Plan

We had quite the task list at the start of this project. During our home inspection we identified a plethora of issues that really needed to be fixed immediately, and we asked for and got some money from the seller at closing paid to a contractor to tackle most of it, with us picking up the tab for the extra tasks. (Unfortunately, we didn’t get enough to cover the new roof this place desperately needs as well.) There were also things that we wanted or needed to do before moving in, most of which focused on putting in a new kitchen.

The Kitchen

We’re totally changing the layout of the room, moving the sink to the middle and shifting the fridge across the room. (Photos: Before layout, After Layout)

Kitchen - Before

Kitchen - After

The Rest of the House

For the rest of the house, most of the work focused on the sleeping porch on the back of the house. The 7 windows on the second floor were completely falling out, and the 3 windows on the 1st floor were terrible vinyl and not very efficient or workable. In addition to the old back door which was a giant draft machine, the outside of the house was metal siding that was warped and ugly looking. And as it turned out, when we peeled off the metal siding, there was no proper framing underneath — just the old wainscotting of the old porch back when it was a true porch with open spaces and screens instead of windows. So that had to come out entirely and be framed out from scratch for the new doors and windows.

Other task list

  • All new rear porch stairs including small landing at the top (required by DC code.)
  • New rear entry door.
  • Replace 3 1st floor windows with 2 new wood windows.
  • Replace all third floor sleeping porch windows with 6 new wood windows
  • All new HardiePlank siding and trim for the rear of the house.
  • Reframe and rehang existing basement doors. (We didn’t do this, but hopefully will in 2011.)

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