About Us

Hi, we’re Steve and Rachel.

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We live in Petworth, a fantastic, tree-covered, historic neighborhood in our nation’s capital city, just a few miles north of the Capitol dome. In October 2010, we bought this 1921 rowhouse — fairly unadorned and essentially the tract/production home of its era in the city — on a picturesque one-block street in this great neighborhood. scant idea of the amount of work that lay ahead of us in the coming years.  “Oh, we’ll probably need to make some updates, and we’ll re-do the kitchen, but it’s TOTALLY livable now!” And it was, but we’ve had a ton of work to do to really make it our own in the years since.

This blog chronicles our on-again, off-again process of remodeling and repairs since we began in November 2010. After nearly two years of hardcore nonstop work, we had a daughter in summer 2012 and a son in December 2014, and our work (and the blogging) now goes in fits and starts when we can find the inspiration and the time. (Mostly it’s the time.) We keep this blog largely as our own historical record of our life in and work on this house.

Pros handle some major projects for us, but other than that, we’ve been on our own to make this house what we want it to be. I (Steve) was decently handy when we bought this place — I always tooled around in my Dad’s workshop and worked for a few contractors in high school and college — but I’d never attempted anything on this scale before. Almost every project has been attempting or learning something new.

We’ve got some tools, some books to guide us and (most importantly!) the miracle of the internet as we try to make this Our Old (Row)House. Come along for the ride!

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